PE coated paper rolls, paper cup fans, paper cup bottom rolls, PE coated paper sheetsNanning Paperjoy Paper Industry Co.,Ltd

Established in 2006, Nanning Paperjoy Paper Industry Co, Ltd. is an ISO certified professional manufacturer of PE coated paper for paper cups & bowls.Professionally Manufacturing PE coated Paper, such as paper cup fan, PE coated papar in roll and PE coated paper sheet and etc.

PE coated paper rolls, paper cup fans, paper cup bottom rolls, PE coated paper sheets

PE coated paper roll

PE coating machines

This new PE coating machine is made by WINRICH company, it is the world-wide famous and the best PE coating machine manufacturer in China. This new machine, is made in the year 2020 with the latest design and technology.The biggest point is that the PE coating is very stable and perfect, because of the powerful cooling function itself, you will never see any PE problems like “without PE, PE falls off, PE bubble” and so on.

Papar cup fanFlexo printing machines

Two flexo printing machines: Both are four-color printing, they can bring excellent printing result. And our designer can help to make cup fan design for your selection, or just send us your picture, our designer can make a design accordingly for your confirmation.

Paper cup bottom roll

High-speed slitting machines

It is usually used for producing bottom roll, like 64mm or 67mm bottom rools, slitting deviation is ±1mm, at least 300 tons production capcity in one month.



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